How does an administrator create an AR round?

The basic process to start the creation of a round is to access the round area by clicking on the "Rounds" menu item. In this area, the administrator can see a "New division round" blue button by the "Division rounds" header.

Moving on, a screen appears where the administrator selects the type of round she is creating. In this case, "Asset Review".

For the AR round the administrator does NOT select assets or divisees ― all assets and all divisees are automatically included in it.

On the last screen the administrator sets a name, the start date, and the end date. Finally, she can add a note that will appear in the invitation email sent to divisees.

The process is finished by clicking on the "Create round" button. After a couple of minutes the email is sent out.

Be wary, the round settings can be altered only until the start date. Then it's the divisees' turn!


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