What are the roles of division participants?

An administrator can invite other people into the division, set their roles, set up division rounds and make decisions about asset distribution in order to keep divisees close to their allocation percentage.
A "divisee" is a beneficiary of the division. She is entitled to a percentage of all the assets, called "allocation percentage". In each division round a portion of the assets gets distributed to divisees.
Asset lister
An asset lister can only see and edit the inventory. She can add photos and assets and create relationships between these.
A valuator, whether she is a professional appraiser or not, can set estimated prices of assets.
Division observer
A division observer cannot change anything but can see the inventory, participants, division rounds and their outcomes.
Inventory observer
An inventory observer cannot change anything and cannot see participants or division rounds. She can only see properties, rooms and assets.
The sponsor pays FairSplit fees. She can edit and invite participants, including administrators.


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