Inventory terms and concepts

A property is a realty such as a house or condo. Each property contains rooms and assets.
A room belongs to a property and may contain assets and files, including photos.
Assets may (optionally) belong to a property, to a room and to a category. An individual asset may also have photos and other files associated with it. But this is all optional: an asset may also be simply a name.
Images and other files (any type of file) may be uploaded, but each image should be associated either with an asset or (more commonly) with a room. To upload, navigate first to the asset or room.
MV (Market Value)
The approximate real world value of an item if sold through an estate auction, Craig's List, Yard Sale, etc. The division process will result in each party receiving their share of the MV, or paying or receiving offsetting cash to balance differences.
EV (Emotional Value)
One of the available division rounds lets divisees assign Emotional Value numbers to assets, indicating their level of interest in the items, independently of their cost.


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