What is an SO round?

In an ancient, very common division method called Alternating Selection, the parties draw straws to determine who goes first, then take turns choosing items.

The SO (Selection Order) round yields equivalent results. In this method, first each party arranges the assets in a list in descending order of preference. Finally, the system uses these lists to distribute items based on all parties' rankings. At each turn, it assigns to a party the asset that they ranked highest and is still available. For this, parties are put in snake ordering. For instance, if there are 3 parties, the order is 123 321 123 321...

The MV (market value) of awarded items is tracked for each party. Items not selected by any party can be designated to donate or sell or the Administrator may choose to create a new Division Round for those remaining assets. The Administrator may choose to do multiple rounds with different groupings using this method for large estates or estates with valuable items to help reduce cash reconciliations.


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