What is an AR round?

The AR (Asset Review) round should be the first one in a FairSplit division. It speeds the overall process by weeding out assets of no interest.

It has 4 main purposes:

1. To identify items of no interest to any of the divisees of the estate.
2. To obtain agreement from all that the asset list is accurate and complete. Is anything missing, or there that shouldn't be?
3. To identify items that should be listed together because they are part of a set, but which have been listed separately, or vice-versa.
4. To identify any assets whose assigned values are incorrect, if values are being assigned.

If you identify an issue with individual assets, their listed valuations, or feel that the list is incomplete then it is important that you contact the administrator about your concerns so that she can rectify where appropriate. Please reference by the number of the asset to make it easy to identify it.


In this round the divisees click YES for items they have any interest in, or NO for items that they are fine to see sold or donated. YES from any divisee will result in the asset appearing in future division rounds.

If you mark "Yes" to an item it does not mean you have to choose it in a future round (as you may change your mind). Similarly, if you mark "No" against an item in this round, but someone else has said yes, then you are still eligible to bid for it in the future.

If you think that you only want a few items, we suggest that you first click “Check NO on all assets”, and then uncheck any items you actually do desire. Alternatively, if most items are of interest, then click “YES on all assets”, and then uncheck any items you do not want.

When the round ends

Any items identified as not being of interest to any divisee in this round for inclusion in the future division rounds are moved by the system into "Sell or donate", and then later these can be moved again to the more specific options "Sell" or "Donate" by the division administrator. This is shown in the "Distribute" column of the inventory grid.


Learn more: Can I create a second AR round?


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