What do the "Proposed" and "Distribute" columns mean?

When a division round is closed, the system calculates awards (except in the AR round which does not award anything to anyone). These results can be seen, on the round report, in the "Proposed" column. This means the FairSplit system "proposes" a certain distribution of the assets. But the same results are seen in the "Distribute" column as well. What is the difference?

Imagine divisees make a consensual arrangement between them after the round:

- Hey Sarah, I see you got the saxophone and I got the clarinet... Wanna switch?
- Sure, Jane!

The division administrator cannot change the content in the "Proposed" column ― that's immutable to allow auditing. But the column that really counts is the "Distribute" one, and this one the admin can change. So the admin goes ahead and assigns the saxophone to Jane and the clarinet to Sarah.

"Distribute" expresses the final result of the division. It can be a divisee name, but it can also be "Divide" if nobody got it yet, or "Sell or donate" in case nobody wants the asset, "Stays" if the asset should simply stay in the house from which folks are moving, etc.

In short, if you want to see the current distribution state, look at the "Distribute" column. If you are in a round report and want to know what the system proposed for that asset, look at the "Proposed" column.


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