As a division administrator, can I create a test divisee account to see what the user experience is for divisees?

We try to mitigate that desire as much as possible by creating videos that show divisees bidding and also by directly allowing an administrator to click a link and see the bidding page.

This way the administrator can satisfy her curiosity about the user interface, but she is not actually allowed to bid if she is not a divisee. Saving her test bid would be a mistake, wouldn't it.

Therefore, if you are not a divisee, clicking the "Save" button at the bottom shouldn't work, and it doesn't. It produces this error message:

"403 Forbidden. Unauthorized bid_on_ar_round failed permission check."

The same error message also appears if I open another tab, log out, then go back to the bidding tab and press the Save button. You see, I am no longer logged in, so I don't have permission to run the code that saves a bid.

If you log in as someone that isn't part of that specific round, then the error message is:

"You are not a divisee of the round".

Okay, suppose you aren't satisfied by this and really want to experience FairSplit as a divisee. So you invite yourself to the division under another email address. Now you have 2 user accounts in the system, and you need to know this:

Only one user can be logged in per browser. It's impossible to have one browser tab with your administrator user and another browser tab with your divisee test user at the same time.

Let me exemplify: I am logged in as admin. Now I want to test as divisee, so I open another tab, log out, and log in as divisee. When I switch back to the other tab, it only displays the name of the admin because it hasn't yet been refreshed. If I refresh the page, the name of the divisee is displayed. This is because the act of logging in or out affects the entire browser, not just one tab.

But it is possible to test on the same device with Chrome and Firefox, for instance. One browser doesn't interfere with the other.


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