What happens if I manually assign an asset to a divisee?

When all divisees are in agreement, we encourage the division administrator to go ahead and assign assets to divisees manually to speed up the division, or set assets apart to sell, donate, keep etc.  But this can be tricky if the asset being assigned is currently part of an active division round.

In that case, the answer depends on the kind of round:

Asset Review rounds do not assign assets to people, they simply aim to initially separate assets in 2 groups: "Divide", and "Sell or Donate". So AR rounds, when closing, do not touch assets that are already assigned to a divisee (these are ignored). But if the destination is anything other than "Sell" or "Donate", it will change to "Divide" or "Sell or donate" according to the round results. This way, it is safe for an admin to (after creating an AR round) set an owner or the destinations "Sell" or "Donate". Anything else will be overwritten by an AR round.

In Selection Order rounds, divisees select and order assets according to their importance to them. SO rounds, when closing, do not touch assets that either are already assigned to a divisee, or have any destination other than "Divide" or empty. This makes it safe for an admin to give an asset to someone after creating an SO round, without needing to delete the round.

Emotional Value rounds are the most delicate ones. In them, divisees assign a limited number of points to a few items. EV rounds distribute all assets that are a part of it. Anything else would render the EV round unfair. After creating an EV round, an admin is not at liberty to assign any of its assets because a divisee might put all their points in one asset.


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