How do I know if there are photos associated with an asset?

In the asset grid there's a Details column which shows one of 2 icons for each asset:

  • If the asset has photos associated with it, a paperclip icon appears.
  • If the asset is without photos, an eye icon appears.

On the other hand, if you are in the photo upload page, looking at photos, then:

  • If the photo has 1 or more assets associated with it, a chain icon appears.  If clicked, it will take you directly to one of the linked assets. (In the future it will show a list of the linked assets if more than one.)
  • If the photo has no assets associated with it, the chain icon is missing.

Note that many photos can be associated with a single asset (different angles, or an artist signature close up), and many assets can be associated with a single photo (a photo with multiple assets captured in the single photo, as in a shelf of figurines).


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